“Being a good writer is not enough.”

I am slowly building my confidence towards building out my new blog.  Here something that helped me.

The fact that you understand grammar and syntax and even know when to “break” the rules doesn’t make you special.

What makes a writer special is her ability to be honest, to write what needs to be written, and to do so in such a way that it connects with readers. She puts herself out there, making herself available to her audience, building a rapport through generosity and friendship, and delivering quality work right into their laps.    Read more here…


Can a bad writer have a successful blog?

Its time to face the facts; I am a terrible writer.   I read the blogs of my classmates in a social media class and I just cant compare to writing abilities.   So this made me think, can a good speaker have a successful blog?  First things first I need to write about topics that I can truly get passionate about.  I’m sure there are others out there who have things in common with me.   I get passionate about the music of Paul Van Dyk, my family and helping people get there confidence back in life.   No more will I compare myself with the writings of others.   I want to share with you and post I found today.


Why Bad Writing is Essential to Good Blogging

I’ve been blogging for six years now, and in that time I’ve noticed something — anyone can do it.

At first, I thought that this was a good thing. But then I realized that every good thing has a shadow side.

So here’s the downside of the accessibility of blogging: It makes the already-terrible writers much, much louder.

There are too many bloggers out there.

How can this be a good thing for you?

For too long, the bar has been set way too low with millions of blogs contributing to the noise without adding anything substantive to the discussion.

Our fame-obsessed culture has driven teenagers and baby boomers alike to create their own blogs — all for the sake of being heard. They’re taking up space with half-formed opinions and rants, and it’s given the blogosphere an infamously bad name.

But now, there’s a new phenomenon: The prolific, mediocre blogger.

This person actually understands the basics of SEO and social media and can attract a decent readership.

The problem, though, is that their content sucks.

This probably drives you real writers completely nuts. But maybe it’s not all bad.

Here are three reasons why these awful wordsmiths can actually make you a better blogger.

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